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Meet the Builders

Peter Edwards and Brent Lobik together have over 45 years experience in the residential construction industry. They built Nulook Homes together with the passion for building one- off homes and renovations.

"We don't want to do mass production and keep building the same homes. So far we haven't replicated anything, and this is our motivation, the challenge of doing something different. A lot of builders steer away from fiddlier homes, but we're happy to do them and want to do them." - Peter Edwards

Both carpenters by trade, Peter and Brent met onsite over 20 years ago, working for one of WA's largest builders. Working alongside for eight years they formed a strong relationship built on trust and honesty. With their carpentry background Peter and Brent often physically work on the projects, demonstrating their commitment to each home.

"We don't just appear at various stages of the build, we're actually there supervising and seeing the home right through" - Brent Lobik


Tel: 9349 7003


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