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Save money in the long run with reduced running costs through building a sustainable home. Whether it is a renovation or new home, Nulook Homes designs all homes with a passive solar consideration. For more information please go to our GreenSmart Builder page.

Crawshaw Residence

This solar passive home has the look and feel of a traditional two storey home but boasts an 8.8 star energy rating. Proving that sustainable design and character style homes can work hand in hand.

The Sustainable Home

Going above and beyond this two storey home in Leederville takes sustainable design to the next level. The owner spent years researching environmental design and solutions to create a family friendly home that can be transfrormed into separate dwellings in the future.

Wembley Residence

Built with the clients’ passion for minimising their carbon footprint this home has been constructed using Eco Block which aids in reducing the fluctuation in the homes living temperature and reduce the homes overall running costs.


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