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Small Lot with Big Impact

Building a home on a small site required time, thought and perfect planning in order to make sure the best possible outcome was achieved on such a restricted site. The end result is a beautifully renovated contemporary two storey residence with ample entertaining space and an abundance of natural light. Originally a two bedroom, one bathroom home, it was converted into a four bedroom two bathroom home with 379m2 of living space, more than the 307m2 lot size. The home design was orientated to make the most of the sun via cleverly orientated internal and external windows which allowed natural light to filter through the home.

The large bifold doors opening up to the rear provide the home with cross ventilation and also allowed for additional light to flood the living and kitchen areas aiding in providing an illusion of a much larger space. To ensure there was no wasted space every piece of the home was carefully designed, considered and constructed to maximise all aspects of living and use of functional areas. Originally a single storey dwelling, the home has now been split into three levels which are made up of the basement, ground floor level and first floor level. The finished product is a contemporary and innovative home which has settled into its surrounds and is conscious of the restricted site it was constructed on. Nulook Homes, the designer and the owner are all extremely proud of the collaboration work involved in constructing the home.


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