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“ We built our very first home with Nulook homes. It was completed in May this year (2016).  Based on all the horror stories we’d heard from friends who’d built, we had resisted building for years. Our old home was way too big for our current needs, but we loved the location. We explored all other avenues (renovating, selling and moving, subdividing) but finally realised building made the most sense for us. So we demolished the old home and moved into a rental for the duration of the build. 
I wanted a solar passive home, and had the design done by Solar Dwellings. We then costed the build with 3 builders—two recommended by Solar Dwellings (Nulook being one) and one of our own choices. We chose Nulook not so much for the price (they came in the middle), but for their willingness to listen, advise on, and execute the many non-standard options I wanted. I can’t begin to explain how pleased I’ve been with both the process, and the final product. 

1. The build itself was completed in 10 months. All up we were in our rental 13 months (time for demolition and after-    handover work). Handover came in 4 weeks late, but this was due to delays by a separate kitchen supplier I had chosen. 
2. From planning to completion, communication was timely, and clear. They did a lot of research for me and made sure I understood the ramifications of my choices. 
3. Our next door neighbour is a retired builder, and our best friend is a retired cabinet maker, and both said the quality of work was above par, and that *they* would choose Nulook as a builder. 
4. We’ve had multiple times when outside tradesmen have commented on the high quality of the work in the house. 

All in all, the entire build process was relatively stress free. We’ve been living in the home for 8 weeks now, and really starting to settle in.  We would recommend Nulook wholeheartedly as a builder. 


D. Palacios & C. Prior
Spearwood June 2016

Tel: 9349 7003


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