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Thank you Solar Dwellings for recommending NuLook Homes to us.

We had big plans to build a sustainable home that we intended to live in for the foreseeable future.

We had done our 'homework', and knew finding and selecting a builder that could offer efficient and transparent contract administration, quality supervision and trades, and an overall final construction that ticked our sustainability goals and that we could afford, love and call home was essential.

We recommend Nulook as they have it all and here's why:
1. From the very first meeting you are dealing with the owners and a team of super friendly/helpful staff. You know they know their stuff because they were able to simply explain every part of the build lifecycle from design/drawings to handing over the keys at any level of detail we asked. And we really dived into the detail because we needed to kick so many sustainability goals without breaking the budget or timeline.
2. Every item discussed and decision made was recorded and followed up on - which for us was perfect as there is so much to go through and the goal is to visit each item on the build checklist only once.
3. There was no change to big or small that they couldn't or wouldn't accommodate - and we had a few of them, but when you are dealing with a company that has impeccable administration and construction capability it is so much easier to navigate the options and position yourselves to make the best decisions available.
4. This is backed up on site through a level of supervision that surprised us at how good it was - no request, job and/or feedback was too hard to deal with and we felt completely 'at home' discussing any issues or changes that popped up. Everything was dealt with as a priority which made us feel important when you know they had a bunch of other builds on at the same time.
5. The trades and contractors used were excellent and there was such clear respect by them for the supervisors and owners of Nulook which says more than we can ever relay here.
6. We were given clear timelines and these were updated as progress was made - with the whole build coming in on their original timeline and as per their original budget - adjusted for our changes of course. As a project manager myself this was critical.
7. The handover was extremely simple, clean and proactive in terms of finalising some post handover items and minor fixes which helped us coordinate the rental and those things we still had to do ourselves. The administration that we had loved the entire way through the process didn't finish until full handover of warranties, all the relevant documentation needed for ongoing maintenance and follow up of any remaining items.

We kicked all the sustainability goals we could by using a builder that was prepared to look at a number of new ways of doing things without compromising on construction quality. Here are some examples of what Nulook helped us achieve:
- we split the outer house shell into 3 separate dwellings with separate power and water to each future area
- we installed a unique first floor wall insulation, air cell and cladding solution to keep heat out while ensuring the building breathes
- we have dual plumbing for 8000+ litres of rain water storage and grey water to all allowable sinks and showers
- we have service provision between the floors which has allowed us to put in the 5.72kwH solar/battery storage solution
- a living roof over 40+m2 of available roof space
- we achieved an 8.3+ energy star rating and gold standard E-tool lifecycle rating
- we have used recycled timber for cladding and decking
- universal access i.e. wheelchair, for all ground floor living spaces including external area access

We love our new place and can't thank the team at Nulook enough for helping us make this happen. We would recommend them to anyone wanting to achieve a sustainable balance of function, features, aesthetics and quality.

Adam & Janelle

A & J Marr
West Leederville, December 2016


Tel: 9349 7003


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