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We've been in our new house for almost 18 months now, we're stoked with the outcome and the experience. I think this says a lot, since it's our first build and most people I've known completely have the s**** with building by the end of the process and swear to never do it again.

I couldn't be happier with our experience with Nulook homes. From the initial consultation meetings with Peter approx 2 years ago right through to having minor maintenance issues fixed post handover and through the maintenance period, these guys have been courteous, professional, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Without exception I really like every single Nulook team member and tradie I met and would recommend them without hesitation. Their service was exceptional, every person in the team made a great impression on me.

We've had a custom modern 4x2 home built from a design by Nulook's associated designer Darren (of Paramount Design). For a very small outlay he came up with a fantastic custom design for our block specifications and vague requirements. Nulook then took care of detailed drawings for the build. Now we are living in it, I can't fault the layout or any particular element, everything works well.

Nulook provided the flexibility we wanted to self supply some of the cabinetry, fittings and tiles where we managed to organise special deals through friends, we managed to save a good deal of money and increase the finishing spec this way. Brent our supervisor was so accommodating even when I started getting in his way towards the end of the build with my landscaping work. He organised things around my activities and never once complained.

Our neighbours continually complimented the conduct of Brent (supervisor) and all the trades onsite. The contrast from another build I was watching across the road from our prior house couldn't be more stark. I was literally scared and in constant conflict with the guys across the road, while on our site it was like meeting old friends or a group of high EQers on a team building workshop! The quality and professionalism of all the Nulook tradesman was evident throughout, we could never really fault the work; and I'm happy to say that the same guys who built our house are the ones who come and look at any issues I've raised since handover (very minor), and all appear to have been working for Nulook long term.

Of course there were many issues and difficult decisions during the planning and build; I'm the kind of person that can get emotional if I think things are not going well, but everything I raised during the course of the planning phases and build, Nulook handled calmly and professionally and resolved to our complete satisfaction.

Communication with Brent during the build and the rest of the team during planning and selection was always thorough and efficient.

The house is performing so well and is super comfortable through the last summer heat and now finally through some heavy rain. As I look around at every detail it gives me great pleasure to note the high level of workmanship and attention to detail.

We have such good memories of all the interactions between us and Nulook and tradesmen. In the end I believe we got exceptional value for money from Nulook.

Thanks to Laura, Julie, Peter and Brent for a great experience and an awesome home!

S & M Curry
Churchlands, April 2017


Tel: 9349 7003


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