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How Nulook Homes are managing Covid-19

As the impact of COVID-19 evolves we wanted to let you know that Nulook Homes is committed to the health and safety of all those around us and to ensure you of the continuity of our business.

Firstly thank you for your commitment to our business especially during these uncertain times. We would like to reassure you that Nulook Homes remains open and building on all jobs is continuing.

Like you and the wider community, we are taking all recommended steps to maintain safe and healthy workplaces for our office staff, our trades, jobs onsite and our clients. We remain vigilant and continually make necessary changes to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

While the Department of Health advises that the risk of transmission in Western Australia remains low at present, they are monitoring the situation and we are acting on their advice to take any necessary precautions for our employees and company.

We take this opportunity to ask all employees, clients, subcontractors or suppliers to;

· let us know if you have returned from overseas within 14 days or have been around anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 prior to meeting with us. We will be more than happy to arrange an alternative way of communication

· have any flu like symptoms

· practice social distancing and no handshakes

· stay home if you feel unwell

To help ensure a safe and healthy environment, Nulook Homes will be;

· practising social distancing,

· no handshakes,

· use anti-bacterial products for persons and high touch surfaces

· replace face to face meetings where possible with alternative ways of communication

While COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the world at large, it’s important in times like these that we stick together and continue to support our local small businesses, trades and staff. Our jobs are progressing in a timely manner on site like normal and as a company we have experienced no negative impacts in terms of service delivery, quality of build, availability of trades, product supply, staff reliability or build times.

We encourage you to see the positives and opportunities in times like these with unprecedented low interest rates and local trades and businesses wanting and needing your work.

If you have specific requirements or questions in order to continue your working relationship with us, please let us know and we will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Home isolation guidance can be found here:

Government information on what you need to know:

We are all in this together and with care and consideration for others, we can ride through the uncertainty and come out the other side strong and well placed for the future.

If you have any questions, please call the Nulook Homes office on 9349 7003 or email


Tel: 9349 7003


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