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The Process

Nulook Homes can help you at any point in the building process. You may have a full set of plans with a building licence or you may have a few ideas in your head. Wherever your building project is at, Nulook Homes can help you achieve your dream. We tailor everything specifically to you.

Outlined below is the general building process. Call us today on 9349 7003 to discuss your individual needs with our builders.

1. Design

Determine your house design.

Chances are you will be living in this home for quite some time, so make sure that your house is designed for your lifestyle…not off the plan for just anybody. We have a great team that will work with you to determine the best layout for you, your family and your lifestyle. You can work with your own designer to do this or you can work with Nulook Homes.

2. Plans, Specifications and Quote

A full set of drawings are now completed and your specifications are determined. This can be done by Nulook Homes or you can do this with your own designer, draftsman or architect. Once you are happy with the result, the plans are then quoted.

3. Contract

Before getting council approval, a contract is signed. At Nulook Homes, you sit down and have an in-depth meeting with the builder so that you can go through every element of what’s included in the contract, how the build will progress and to double check that you have everything that you want.

4. Council Approval

Before starting construction you must have a building licence. Depending on which council you go through, this can take quite some time. Make sure you allow for this time when considering your move in date. Nulook Homes can organize this for you or your architect/draftsman may do this as part of their service.

5. Pre-Start

This is where you choose and/or confirm selections and colours about fixtures, fittings and products on and in your home. Our dedicate pre-start liason will help you through this process.

6. Construction

This is when you get to watch your plans come to life. You will be in regular communication with your builder and our office.

7. Practical Completion

Once your building is complete, you will have a walk through of your house with the builder. He will check that everything has been finished to the requirements of your contract.

8. House Keys!

Your house is now complete. You will receive your gift pack, warranties and certificates and most importantly, your house keys. Move in and enjoy your new home.