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Green Focus

Ask us how your next build can benefit from a green focus. Our experience will help you to comply with the 6 Star energy requirements.

With utility prices increasing, the efficiency of heating and cooling your house should be considered. Whether it is a renovation or new home, Nulook Homes design all homes with a passive solar consideration.

6 Star Regulations

The 6 star regulations is one of the government’s latest initiatives. Quite simply, they require all new homes (not renovations) to be designed in a way that increases the efficiency of a house to keep itself cool in summer and warm in winter.

Nulook Homes is completely up to date with the latest regulations concerning 6 star. All of our new homes are designed to meet the requirements and quite often exceed 6 stars!

Passive Solar Designs

Nulook Homes has built and designed many passive solar homes and is experienced in many new products that have recently come to the marketplace. We also build for green and passive solar based design companies.